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ML330 G3 IDE issues

Thomas N
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ML330 G3 IDE issues

2 problems:
1- The CD-Rom in the Windows2k svr platform showing in PIO mode instead of DMA even modified the setting in device manager which cause the operation not smooth during accessing the CDs...
2- trying to install the OS (same w2k svr) from a new HD (IDE 250GB) wich connect to the CSB6 MegaRaid controller, at the beginning of the installation, i've pressed "F6" key and inserted the floppy that contains the suitable driver, after the first installation, it require to reboot, then it shows "a disk read error occured Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart" but there is no prob on a 80GB HD...

pls help...
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Re: ML330 G3 IDE issues

Remember that since June 2003, this server is using the ServerWorks CSB6 south bridge as the ATA controller. This design allows for the elimination of the AMI ASIC and the server feature board. This may cause issues with some operating systems and the drivers used for this controller. So make sure you are using this driver

- The Dirver was exporting an incorrect value of stripe size in the case of RAID 1. Thie was because the driver
was exporting a value that it got while parsing IRCD. The IRCD was written by BIOS and read by the driver.For
RAID 1 Logcal drives the driver will now always export the stripe size as ZERO.

- The Error log Fix is incorporated in driver. The Driver was not initializing the error log properly and was never
logging the errors in the error log. Moreover when GET_ERROR_LOG ioctl was recieved with "NewOnly" flag set the
driver was returning whole of the error log with error count set to 0x0f. This was causing the spy to update it's
database with invalid error values and hence dispalying invalid values in MCC.

Download the file into a TEMP folder and then double click on cp005784.exe, then click on extract and select a floppy disk to extract those files, use the floppy disk at the F6 promt durin the OS isntallation.


You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
Thomas N
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Re: ML330 G3 IDE issues

tks for your reply....
1- The CD-Rom was connected to the on-board IDE port (not the CSB6 one....)
2- all cases is using the a single HD (80G and 250G) created with RAID-0
3- checked using the latest Driver already....
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Re: ML330 G3 IDE issues

Do you still have this problem?

We have 4 ML330 G3 servers and have problems with drives getting corrupted when using > 80GB IDE Drives in RAID 1 after 100GB are loaded onto the drives.

It may also have something to do with using non-HP RAM.