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ML330 G3 SCSI - SATA Harddisk

Lei Nelissen
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ML330 G3 SCSI - SATA Harddisk


I recently got a ML330 G3 that was replaced by a newer one. Because this one wasn't needed, I could have it for free. I've recently installed Ubuntu Linux on it, with the means of using it as media/storage server. Ubuntu Linux was installed with software raid 1 on some 36 GB compaq SCSI harddisks. Because 36 GB is not really much if you want to use it as storage server, I decided I would like to place some SATA harddisks in it. Now, I've read some manuals, but I can't seem to figure out if it's possible to put two 640 GB SATA WD I picked in software raid 1 in my server next to my SCSI drives. Could anyone tell me if it's possible, because I'm not really sure...

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Re: ML330 G3 SCSI - SATA Harddisk

The ML330 G3 does not have SATA interfaces so you can not connect your disks as is. The only options from HP are U320 SCSI or ATA100.

The server has 64bit/33MHz PCI slots so you need to find a SATA controller to work with the PCI slots and have drivers for Linux. Nothing from HP whatever you do you have to find it in the open market.