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ML330 G3 SCSI bus question

Aaron MacDougall
Occasional Visitor

ML330 G3 SCSI bus question

This server comes with a single channel SCSI card, I'd like to run 2 hard drives, and an HP storageworks DAT 40 drive on the same cable. Is this OK to do, or will the tape drive slow down the Hard Disks?


Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: ML330 G3 SCSI bus question

The performance of the harddisk is to be seen if your application has extensive i/o
Also first see that SCSI card compatible with your DAT drive (SCSI Interface wise).
BTW what O.S. are you on ? (Linux,XP,2003)
Also in this situation i don't think it's worth to go for a different SCSI or a dual channel card only for connecting the DAT drive.
I don't think this will affect the performance of you hard disk.


I'll sleep when i am dead.
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Re: ML330 G3 SCSI bus question


Performance might only be an issue when doing backups but this is usually an "out of working hours" duty.

Just make sure the disks are at low SCSI ID's and the tape drive at a high SCSI ID, e.g. 0,1 for disks and 6 for tape.

This way if you add any more disks in future they will follow the existing ones and get priority over the tape drive on the bus.

I hope this helps.

Aaron MacDougall
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML330 G3 SCSI bus question

thanks for your response guys, everything works well