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ML330 G3 unexpected restarts

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ML330 G3 unexpected restarts

Goodday to you.

ML330 G3 unexpected restarts with sbs 2003, after restart everything works fine ( for about two weeks)
Only message in eventlog:

The previous system shutdown at 11:31:06 AM on 2/13/2004 was unexpected. Eventid: 6008

in hp system management logs no errors either (as far as I can tell, perhaps there are more ways to investigate for error messages?).

Only thing when logging on the first time after crash:

Internet Explorer error message:
appver: 6.0.3790.0
modname: oleauth32.dll, modver: 5.2.3790.0 offset: 0001c9c1

Question: what todo next...

Thank you for any help.
never give up
Sunil Jerath
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Re: ML330 G3 unexpected restarts

Please update the system ROM from the following link if it's not updated already:

After updating the ROM please apply the latest support pack as well from the following link:

Please let me know how you make out.

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Re: ML330 G3 unexpected restarts

If it is every two weeks - to the day - I'd check your UPS. APC does a self-check every two weeks and if the battery is in a failed state - the server bounces.

Just a thought.