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ML330 G3

Naod Yeheyes
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ML330 G3

When you turn on the server, nothing appears on the screen (monitor), I hear the fan running but nothing is displayed. When I opened the case and observed the system board closely, Leds lebled CR20, CR23, and CR25 keeps on blinking. Nothing happenes even if you keep on waiting.

please give me a solution
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Re: ML330 G3

Hi Naod,
Can identify the location of the error LED?
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Re: ML330 G3

Hi Naod,

This may be a interlock situation with one the components on the system board.

This issue may be due to one of the components not seated correctly on the system board.

Try reseating all the components on the system board (memory, processor, PPM is any, controller components) and especially the riser card and the PCI cards if present.

If still facing the same issue, it might be due to one of the capacitor blown off on the system board.

Call HP support for replacement of the system board.

Hope this answers!!!!!

Tarek Kawach
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Re: ML330 G3

Hi Naod:

- CR20 is an interlock - most of the time it is related to the Processor area.

- reseat the processor and heatsink and fan

- if you have two procs try to swap them around.

are these leds close to the processor.

ON Cold Boot do these lights go away.

I would minimize the server hardware; remove all pci boards.

try with one memory stick; make sure it is HP

one processor and swap with only one proc in the server at one time.

Let us know.


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