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ML330 G3

Jack Smrekar
Occasional Contributor

ML330 G3

I am sorry if this is wordy but had to give you a back ground.

I have a small issue with a ML330 G3. I have gotten emails from the server stating that I have a drive going bad. It give me the serial number of the drive, the SCSI location. So I should be good to go. I replace that drive and when I boot up it now states that drives 0,2 are bad and need to be replaced. Well ok not what I wanted to see. So I mess around some trying to figure out what happened. Well I check my email and find out that I got 1 message about the other drive going bad. So I put the old drive back in, bootup to make sure it works, get the message on the screen that drive 2 is bad, the orginal one I replaced. So I actual replace drive 0 and reboot and now it is rebuilding. but says I should replace drive 2. Well after sometime, getting parts, trying to convince my supplier that I had a DOA drive, I get another one in. Well replace drive 2, the same drive that the email states because I have compared serial numbers and still get the error on boot drives 0,2 need to be replaced. Put the old drive back in boot up and now only drive 2 needs to be replaced. So now I am confused, I replace the SCSI cable thinking the issue is there, nope same message on boot. Well ok by now the firmware CD is at ver 8 so I download that and update all the firmware the CD fines. the firmeare on the drives are all up to date according to the CD, reboot and same message, drive 2 needs replacement.

well at this time the only things not replaced are the 641 smart array controller and the system board.

Any ideas as to what to do next. if it is either the controller or system board I am better off buying a new server. But before I even look at that option I need to make sure that I am not missing something else.

One quick question, so the SCSI numbers count 0,1,2,3 starting at the drive closest to the controller end of the cable or the other way. I am about 99.9% certain the numbering starts from the drive closest to the controller.

Thanks for any help

Honored Contributor

Re: ML330 G3


is the server down? or is it loading the OS?

where are you getting the messages related with HDDs failures?

have you run array diagnostics utility and hp insight diagnostics to check HDDs failures?

what if also you reseat parts, backplane, cables, controller, ...


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Jack Smrekar
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML330 G3

as far as I can tell the server is running just fine. once I push the F1 key to continue the boot process everything runs fine. I get an email from the HP agents on the server saying the HD is in predictive failure. The error messages are being displayed when the boot process is initlizaing the controller the you get the F1 or F2 option.

I have run the diags and do have the output from that. the report states that physical drive 1:2 is in predictive failure and that count is 0x00000016. it gives me the same serial number for the drive that I have been swapping out. I have also noticed there is a line that says, Last Failure Reason and that has a value of No Failure.

I do have the reports in a zip file if that helps.

I have also reseated almost everything, execpt for the processor.

I am just wondering if this just an error that is stuck in memory somehow and just not get erased. Would it help if the server was rebuilt, I am thinking that if that is done that it would at least look at all the drives and let me know if any are bad.