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ML330 G6 Drive Cage

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ML330 G6 Drive Cage



I've got a couple of ML330 G6's that I need to add some extra storage to.


I was hoping to get 2 x Hotplug Drive Cages (487737-B21)  but it seems these are not available anywhere in the UK. I've tried everywhere I can think of. Even HP PartsOne resellers can't get hold of them.


These servers are still what I'd consider fairly new, and I think HP was still selling them just over 12 months ago, so I'm amazed it's so difficult to get parts - I've never had such trouble getting parts for HP ( or Compaq ) servers.


Can anyone help?




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Re: ML330 G6 Drive Cage

I recognise this was a post from last year, but I too scoured the internet trying to track one down. Parts availability is very poor for such a recent unit. I even had to source a redundant PSU kit from Australia because I could not trace one here.


Poor show, HP :(