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ML330 G6 Hot Swap

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ML330 G6 Hot Swap

We currently have a ML330 G6 with a 410 controller which is fitted with 4 x 250gb Sata drives configured as two Raid 1 250gb drives.

We're out of space so need to upgrade - am i ok to replace 1 drive from each raid set, i.e 1tb wait until rebuilt, and then replace the second from each set so we end up with two available drives with 1tb each ?


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Re: ML330 G6 Hot Swap

This way you will not be able to perform raid 1  of 1TB. Reduced to 250 GB

Best way to buy two same disk of 1TB

You have to remove two discs of 250GB

Source for disk part numbers here:


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Re: ML330 G6 Hot Swap


Yes, that will be possible. You will need to extend the array after replacing the both drives. Please keep in mind, that's only possible if you have battery and cache attached to the controller. 

Backup is always a good idea so be sure you have one.


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Jimmy Vance

Re: ML330 G6 Hot Swap

To increase space, you will need to replace all 4 drives with larger drives of the same capacity i.e. 4 x 1Tb drives. Replace each drive one at a time and let the RAID rebuild before swaping out the next drive.  Once all four drives have been replaced, then you can expand the array to recover the newly available space. (when the drives first rebuild the arrays will still be at 250GB).  Once the array(s) have been expanded you can then go into the OS and either add a new partition, or expand the existing partitions.   This will take some time to complete.  You need to decide what is faster, the above method, or replacing the 4 drives and starting over from scratch.  Regardless of either method, make sure you have a good backup of your data before you do anything.



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Re: ML330 G6 Hot Swap

Thanks for the explaination Jimmy - very helpful.

Currently i have one pair of drives allocated as C: and one pair as D: each giving me 250gb available space.

I assume i can just replace the D: pair one at a time and resize as your explaination ?

Seems to be the safer bet, as i can copy all the data off of D for backup while C:  has the OS on it, so not as easy to backup