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ML330 G6 New HDDs not recognised.

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ML330 G6 New HDDs not recognised.



I have a ML330 G6 that requires more spece so we are upgrading the hard disks to 3 X 1TB.


The old drives are: 500GB Hot Plug 397377-022

The new drives are: 1TB Non Hot Plug 695502-001


I am seeking to install Linux however the drives are not being recognised.


The server has a B110i raid controller which I have disables in the BIOS.


I have these drives installed in bays 1, 2 & 3 where the hot plug drives were removed from.


Re: ML330 G6 New HDDs not recognised.




For installing an operating system either the embedded Smart Array controller or an option Smart Array Controller is required to install the operating system. In the absence of which none of the hard drives will be detected!


You may either enable the embedded controller or install an option controller.  The driver download page for the server in question is available here.





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Re: ML330 G6 New HDDs not recognised.

Thank you very much for your advice.


I understand you are tell me that I need to load a specific driver in order for the hard drives to be seen by the OS.


From the link you supplied I can see a number of operating systems and their associated drivers.


I was intending to use Ubuntu 14.04. As this OS is not listed does that mean i am unable to use it?


Thank you

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Re: ML330 G6 New HDDs not recognised.

With the embedded B110 disabled in BIOS, the OS should see 3 disks. Make sure the system doesn't have a "P" series Smart Array installed.  With a "P" series controller installed, you will have to configure an array and logical drive before the OS will see any "disks"



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