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ML330 G6 Raid Question

Andy Warner

ML330 G6 Raid Question

I’m thinking of purchasing a HP Proliant ML330 G6 Server with 4 x SATA HDD’s. My plan is to set it up with two raid 1 volumes, one with Server 2008 running HyperV and the second containing the VHD files.

The question is…if the server hardware fails for any reason, can I remove the hdd’s from the 2nd raid 1 volume and boot the VHD in another HyperV server? As far as I’m aware this is possible depending on how the raid controller configures the raid volumes. The controller is a Smart Array P410i.

Thanks in advance
Andy Warner

Re: ML330 G6 Raid Question

I have possibly found the answer to my question in another thread after doing more research.

It looks like what I want to do is not possible unless it is another HP server with a Smart Array controller.

So another question...Does it have to be the same Smart Array controller? Is the B110i compatible with the P410i? If so can i pull both disks out, plug them into the other server and it will realise that they are part of a mirrored raid still?

Alex Geroulaitis
Respected Contributor

Re: ML330 G6 Raid Question

Why do you say it's not possible? In RAID1 configurations, you can pull a disk module and it should be as readable by another system as an individual disk would be. I haven't tried this specifically with P410i but did it many times with other RAID1 setups.

Another matter is if you want to pull both members of the RAID1 array and import them as a self-contained RAID1 array, into another system. I don't see a point to it though given that it might be easier to simply re-build the RAID1 set, or even set the 2nd disk module aside as a backup.
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