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ML330 Power Options

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Jacob A Sommer
Occasional Contributor

ML330 Power Options

I have an ML330 with the latest BIOS revision, running windows 2000 SP4. I have found that if the server is turned on, and power is removed, then reapplied, the server will power on and boot the OS. I have also found that if the server is in a powered down or standby state and power is removed, then reapplied, the server will not power up but remain in the standby state. I would like for the server to power up and boot the OS every time power is applied. I can not seem to find any documentation to confirm this feature is available, and nor did I see anything in the BIOS (where I would expect to see it) that covers this this feature. Is it possible to have an ML330 automatically boot when power is applied? If it is possible, how do I enable the feature?

Thank you,

Jake Sommer
Esteban. ISS

Re: ML330 Power Options

Hey Jacob..

I'm affraid to tell you that this feature is not supported by this server. However theres a way to shut it UP with the NIC card or with the iLO, but this what you want is not possible .. Sorry..

Trusted Contributor

Re: ML330 Power Options

You have this response from the ser because there is an option on the BIOS that makes the server to go to the previous state when the power is removed or loss.


Changing the "Server Availability" option in the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU) for Automatic Power On

Instead, the "Last Known Power State" will affect whether the server powers on or not.

For example, the Customer engineer may set Power on at AC to ENABLED. If AC Power is suddenly removed (power loss, for instance), then later the power returns, the server will power back on and boot up.

RBSU Main Menu 2nd menu level Options (default is ENABLED)
Server Availability ASR Status Enabled / Disabled
ASR Timeout 10 minutes /15 min /20 min /30 min /5 min
Thermal Shutdown Enabled / Disabled
Wake-On LAN2 Enabled / Disabled
POST Speed Up Enabled / Disabled
POST F1 prompt Enabled / Disabled / Delayed
Power Button Enabled / Disabled
Automatic Power-on Enabled / Disabled
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Jacob A Sommer
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML330 Power Options

MSECO, I appreciate the response, but I do not see that option in my RBSU. I have a ML330 G3 with Bios version D15 09/01/2005 (latest). I have seen the feature you spoke about on other HP servers, but I am missing it in this BIOS. Can you confirm that you are seeing this option on a ML330 running the latest BIOS? I have looked numerous times (5-10). Thanks for the help.