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ML330 RAID Smart Array 641

Duane Wolf
Occasional Visitor

ML330 RAID Smart Array 641

Howdy All

I have a ML330 G3 Series Proliant Server. Installed is a HP Smart Array 641 with 2 40GB SCSI Drives.

Is the only option, with this setup, a Raid 1+0 or can you setup a RAID 5 with only 2 Drives?

I want to be sure i did this correctly.
I used the SmartStart CD v7.0 and went to the Array Configuration Utility.
I created 2 logical Drives one being 10GB and a second for 30GB. I selected Raid 1+0 for each one.

And then setup the OS. I couldn't find anything for RAID 5 so thats why i'm asking.
Also is there a utility to verify if the Raid 1+0 Mirror is working correctly?

Thanks in advance

Terry Hutchings
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Re: ML330 RAID Smart Array 641

You won't even get the option to create certain types of arrays which require more drives be added (eg. no raid 5 option with one or two drives installed, no raid 1 or raid 5 with only 1 drive installed, etc).

The array diagnostic utility is available to determine whether there is a problem with your array.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
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Re: ML330 RAID Smart Array 641


No, you cannot build a RAID 5 with just two drives. You need at least three.

You have built two logical drives on the same array mirror (RAID1) which is fine.

Now is a good time to make sure you have the latest rivers and software loaded in your system:〈=en&cc=us

I would suggest you load the latest PSP (ProLiant Support Pack) to make sure you have all the latest drivers and software installed.

also make sure you have the latest bios instaled:

Let us know if you need any more help! -john
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Duane Wolf
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Re: ML330 RAID Smart Array 641

Great. Glad I was on the right track with this.

Also now that I have created the 2 logical drives, Selected Raid1+0, made the partitions and formated them, then installed the OS. How do I know my second HD is now a mirrored drive or not? Is this done automatically once the I told the array the logical drives are Raid1+0? If so if i pull one drive out and boot up will either drive function as normal till a new drive is put in?

Thanks again quick response!