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ML330 Shuts off

Steve Parisi
Occasional Visitor

ML330 Shuts off

3 times in the last week my Ml330 G3 serrver 93 years old ) has just shut off . No warnings just off like you had pulled the plug. All fans are working properly and temperature is only 47 deg F.

I vacuumed all of the fans and the server and ordered and installed a new power supply. I really suspect the power supply was the problem . so far it has been running fine for 24 hours. I guess I just want some feedbasck from the real experts that I took the right approach. Memory and hard drive are fine. I do use 2 external USB hard drives for Backup vbut they have been connected for 2 yeqars. Thanks.

Re: ML330 Shuts off

I support a number of these server and have seen them do that. I would have also re-tighten all the screews on the mother board and reseted the processor.