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ML330G3 raid 0 failure

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ML330G3 raid 0 failure

We have installed raid 0 on 2 identical 80 GB IDE discs. One of the discs has some problem (most probably bad sector), and on booting the raid controller can not initialize the raid array.
The serial number of the server is:
The part number is:
We would like someone to give us suggestions about data recovery...we are desperate.
The local HP provider does not want to give us solution, maybe someone contact them:

Maybe there is some upgrade for the controller that can enables it to work with such problem on the disk (bad sector).
Please reply ASAP

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Re: ML330G3 raid 0 failure

If I understand, you have 2 hard drives, IDE, attached to the IDE RAID Controller. Each drive was configured as a RAID 0, so you had 2 logical drives of 80GBs each. Is this correct? ALso it sounds as if the disk that failed holds the OS.
Therefore since they are RAID 0, there is no redundancy (i.e. RAID 1 mirror), just 2 disks. If one has failed then, yes the data is lost to you unless the drive can be recovered from the errors through a Disk Recovery Tool.
I would install a new drive, load the OS a new, and see if you can recover the old drive.
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Re: ML330G3 raid 0 failure

Dear Sirs,

1. There are 3 disks in the system: one master IDE disk with the OS, and 2 IDE disks striped into RAID 0 configuration.
2. The master disk and one of the RAID 0 disks (the good one) are on the same IDE channel: the master disk is master, and the RAID disk is slave; the fault disk is master on the second IDE channel
3. In meantime we have inspected the disk and electronically is OK, we have made a byte-by-byte copy to another identical disk.
4. The raid controller is setuped by MegaRAID
5. The server can be booted and the OS is working ok with the master disk
6. In the boot sequence, all 3 disks are recognized, the raid controller puts the Array0 (the master disk) online, but the Array1 (two disks in raid0) offline.

So, the question is: what will happen if we reinitialize the array1 (will the data be lost?), OR can you state us any other solution (upgrade of the raid controller, ...)?

Thank you