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ML330e fan noise

Rob Dickens
Occasional Contributor

ML330e fan noise

Dear ProLiant List,

If anyone has a solution to this problem, please could they let me know!

I installed the 'Health Driver', but this didn't slow down the fan. The service guys then confirmed that the ML330e doesn't in fact have a 'variable-speed fan'.

Can anyone help?
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: ML330e fan noise

Hi Rob,
I believe what you are looking is the Management agent (server agents) for you particular operating system. As soon it kick in you will notice the fan noise dropping. Check out the following URL :, Hope this will help.
Rob Dickens
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML330e fan noise

Thanks, Claude. The Installation How-Tos say that it's the 'Health and Wellness Driver' that slows the fan down, but only for systems with a variable-speed fan.

Please say if you know FOR A FACT that installing the additional 'server agents' on an ML330e has the desired effect.

I'm asking the list because I don't really understand why the fan speed should be 'fixed'. If there is a temperature sensor, then surely it's just a matter of installing the correct driver?

Please can anyone with an ML330e, whose fan does not appear to be running at full speed (i.e. noticably loudly), let me know what OS and drivers they have installed.

Thanks and regards to all.