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ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

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ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

I need some advice with this now-elderly product.
It has
3 x 9gb SCSI
1 x 73GB SCSI (this may be too large)
1 x 40GB IDE
Latest BIOS available.

I've run SmartStart 5.5 against it. There doesnt seem to be a download of v6.3 anywhere, but 7.0 doesnt support this model (it stops running and tells the user so). Ultimately I need to install w2003k server but will settle for w2kAdv for now to get it running. I know 5.5 doesnt support W2003k.

SmartStart loads the system partition and tells me to press F10 for the utilities "when the cursor moves top right at boot time". I've watched carefully and it never does so. All i ever get is the BIOS setup (which shares F10 key)

I had thought that taking the manual path in SmartStart would allow me to configure RAID manually (the path implies so) but it goes from "copying the system partition, reboot" straight to "install OS".

I'd rather use firmware RAID than Windows mirroring. Can someoe please guide me on what I'm missing about SmarttStart or the "F10 when cursor top right" option ?

thanks for your time.
Marc Carney
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Re: ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

Your particular server may not have an array controller as they are not installed as standard but were an option. This is why Smartstart is bypassing the Array Config Utility.

Refer to reference info at:

Normally for downloading Smartstart, if you go through HP services then there would normally be a link to an appropriate Smartstart image. In your case its not there but take a look at your other downloads at:

For your server:
The SmartStart version(minimum)is SmartStart 4.60. So, you should be able to use V5.5 fine on your server, just select Windows 2000 Server, that should do fine.

With Smartstart you can do a full system erase which may be useful for you if you want to start fresh.

Hope this answers your questions.
The sheep tell me what I need to know
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Re: ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

thanks for the suggestion.
I think the second link is dead?

The first link seems to point at the ML530, not the ML350 unless I'm missing the point ?

I'm, informed that it does have an array controller, are they a piece of hardware or is it in firmware or on the main board? The SCSCI controller is huge.
The drive cage has come circuitry at the back that appears to be shared amongst the drives.
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Re: ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

I am having the same issue with the same exact server. I was able to find an ISO download of SmartStart 5.5 but it is not bootable.
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Re: ML350 1Ghz and Smartstart.

Hi Simon,

As per the serer specification, this server supports a maximum mass storage capacity of 218.4 GB. This configuration includes 4 x 36.4 GB 1 inch hard drives installed into the internal drive cage and 2 x 36.4 GB internal non-hot plug hard drives installed into the removable media bays.
So this must not be an issue!!!!!!

Now coming to the Smart array controller part of it!
This server gives the option to boot from the Smartstart 5.50 version which can also be downloadable from here:

You can check the support matrix for the Smartstart CD available:

You can boot from the firmware maintenance CD which would provide you drivers for the controller while booting up which is available here:

>>>>> The drive cage has come circuitry at the back that appears to be shared amongst the drives.

This is basically the SCSI backplane board that is attached to the drive cage from which a cable runs to the array controller if there is one.

Try burning the ISO images to a CD which would be bootable and then boot the server with this.

All the Best!!!!!