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ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003

Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003

I have a ML350 G5 that has been causing a lot of problems. Part of the issue is the OS was moved over to this server from another that had failed. As such I did not run SmartStart.

Since being up I have had an issue when the OS loaded off of the SAS drives I would get perioed BSODs, and the server would reboot. I do not get this issue however when I put in the old RAID card and drivers.

One concern I have is if I open the Smart Array configuration page, I get the message that the card is in unknown slot, and that information can not be read. In years past with my old Proliant servers I seem to remember this was due to a driver not being installed (System Controller driver?). Well I have tried just about everything off of the download page, as well as the Proliant Support Pack, and nothing is installed that corrects this issue. How serious is this that the Array configuration page can not get the slot number?
Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003

Correct message is:
"Controller slot information will be unavailable during this ACU session. All controller slot information will appear as 'Unknown'. This is either because the System Management Driver is not installed on the server, or the server may be running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

If you are not running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and you want to see slot information, please install the System Management Driver. "

As I am not running NT4, should this information be showing? It concerns me that possibly something is not working right, and since I am having issues with the e200i controller driver causing BSODS.
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Re: ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003


I don't know if this will help - but it might. Since you moved the O/S from another system it's likely that there are all sorts of hardware mismatches.

Have a look at device manager.
Select the View button and go down to "Show hidden devices"
See if you can tidy some of these up by deleting them. It should be obvious which ones no longer exist - some will state that they are missing or disabled.

Maybe worth a try.

Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003

Thanks for the reply. We ended up getting this resolved after eventually clearing both the NVRAM and deleting ALL devices under Device Manager (I had already removed all "hidden" devices that were ghosts of the previous hardware). Eventually we were able to boot and the Array Configuration utility correctly identified the device as 'Embedded Slot 0". Since then I have been able to run a full backup of 100GB which normally would have crashed the system at about 5GB, so I think things are finally looking up.

Re: ML350 ACU unknown slot - WinSBS2003

A bit annoying finding this - the actual error is caused by not having SP1 on SBS and then the store driver update missing.

There is an advisory

I had the same server with same tranfer method (Acronis).

Updating to SP1, doing the update as per the advisory fixed the slot unknown and the blue screens.

Removing the drivers and clearing nvram had no effect.