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ML350 G2 Intermittent Issue

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ML350 G2 Intermittent Issue

Hi All,

I need some help in trying to troubleshoot an intermittent issue with our Compaq Proliant ML350 G2 server.

Twice last month during business hours the server just came to a complete hault. Could not ping server, nothing on the console screen. Nothing! When I get to the server, all lights are on. The two hard drives installed on the server have both solid fault lights on. I turn the server off and back on, expecting an error, but everything booted up fine.

Then it was a couple of weeks later it has happened again! Same thing!

My guess is faulty HDD's or faulty array controller? One of the HDD's is only 6 months old though, so I think it is strange for both of them to be faulty.

I have tried everything i can think of (without replacing parts at this stage) to try and figure out what the issue is. But because it has only happened twice, i dont know if what i have done has solved the issue.

Is there anything anyone can suggest?

Any help would be appreciated!
Igor Karasik
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Re: ML350 G2 Intermittent Issue

Do you have any errors in HP integrated log viewer? (someting like "ASR detecting by system ROM"). Which OS you run?
It seems to be hardware problem (probably motherboard), but make sure you have last firmware for this server:
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Re: ML350 G2 Intermittent Issue


I came in over the weekend to spend some time looking at this and one of the hard drives failed. So i now have a heap of errors in the HP Intergrated Log Viewer. ASR ones included. The drive spent some time trying to recover and it now says it has successfully recovered, but I will be replacing it as soon as i can!

This server is running Windows 2000 Server SP4 and yes i have run the firmware maintenance cd on this server and everything is up to date.