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ML350 G2 and Netware 6

Brian Howard_2
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G2 and Netware 6

Heads up, the driver for the HP fast ethernet Nic which is the newest driver dated Feb 2003 v 7.03 doesn't work. It breaks TCP/IP on a Netware 6 server. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Novell because it made it look like an OS or licensing problem. Roll back to version 6.38 dated Oct 2001 instead. That was a frustration. Someone should test the NSSD's before they are posted. HP should pay for the Novell tech support call if you ask me.
ignorance is a dangerous thing !
Malcolm Fisher
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G2 and Netware 6

I agree with your comment. SOme of the dodgy code which has been coming out of HP for the new proliant range is crap. I have been trying to get a SCSI insight agent issue resolved for nearly 3 months.

Do you know how to get the CDROM working again inthe Netware OS. I have heard rumours about disabling the USB, but kind find where to so this.