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ML350 G2 defrag cause freezing...

Occasional Advisor

ML350 G2 defrag cause freezing...


I have some issues with my disks.
the system is slow specially during multiple accesses.
I have 4 disks in raid 5 (4 * 36gb 15krpm) with a 16kb strip size.
My controller has no write cache, only read cache.

When I start the Win 2003 defrag utility my server freeze for 2-3 minutes before the defrag starts.
When I execute multiple disks access on the server (like searching on the disks + disk clenup utility) again the system become unresponsive for some seconds.

all the bios & drivers are uptodate.

my raid 5 has 2 partition C: and G:
the problem appear only when I defrag the C:
the G: contain my exchange server files while the C: has the OS + users files.

I have 150 000 files on the C:

any idea of what's appends?
does the high number of file is the reason?