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ML350 G2 freezes running diag software

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ML350 G2 freezes running diag software

While HP's Diagnostics for Windows boots up it goes through a few different dll files. As soon as it gets to DL_PAR.DLL Identifing Parallel Ports the server freezes up. The hard drive lights show activity but I do not get any responce from the screen, keyboard, or mouse. We were running the diag software because a hard drive failed and we wanted to double check the rest of the system. With a new hard drive in, we don't seem to be having any issues other then this one. Has anyone run into this before?
Winner Viagularaj
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Re: ML350 G2 freezes running diag software

Did you try the diagnostic test without the new hard drive connected?
What happens, the same problem?
Is the new hard drive partitioned (logical drive present)?
Are you using Diagnostics for Windows 3.10A, then try not to run the Extended Offline Self-Test.