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ML350 G2 vs Clone PC

Lt Lim
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G2 vs Clone PC

I have a ML 350 G2 in my office. The server is installed with PIII 1.0GHz processor,1GB RAM and dual processor. It is installed with Window 2000 and Oracle database. We noticed the performance of the system is very bad when there is more than 3 users using the system.

We install the same o/s, database and application to run on a single processor clone PC. The PC has got a P4 2.6GHz processor with 1GB RAM. The performance is better than running on the ML350 server.

Is there anything wrong with my server? Or is it the server actually can't performance as fast as the new clone PC?

Stephen Grimmer
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML350 G2 vs Clone PC

Do the event logs on the server show any errors? What about the integrated management log? Is the server running the latest support pack? Is there a network connectivity difference?

Support Pack is here...

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Re: ML350 G2 vs Clone PC

A Compaq DL380 'server' with a P4 2.0GHZ processor and a clone P4 2.0GHZ will have the exact same benchmarks. When you buy a 'server', your buying reliability. The components that go into the computer are supposedly more reliable. (power supply, electronics on the motherboard). Thats it, they run the exact same code.