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ML350 G2

Brian Harris_6
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ML350 G2

ML350 G2. does not show green lights on RPSU's and will not power up. Yellow/orange power onlight display's. set will not start.

If you press in the uid it stay on continued. lights are ok on mother board.

System board will not powwer up even with zero items loaded.

Plese advise how will fix this issue.
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G2

If the server is getting power (leds on system board, uid, standby led on front of server, etc.), then this could be a problem with the power switch.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
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Re: ML350 G2


I think you need to connect 1 resource before you power on. The dc output from the power supply might have some issues,you might have to call HP support and they should be able to help better.


Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: ML350 G2


what is the status of the following leds.

Item Number

1 Power Button

2 Power LED

3 NIC Activity LED

4 External Health LED (Power Supply status)

5 Internal Health LED

6 Unit ID Button

7 Unit ID LED

This will tell you about system state.

Prashant S.

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