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ML350 G3 Fan Noise

Al Hall
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ML350 G3 Fan Noise

I have windows xp pro running on an ML350 G3 and I recently had to reinstall the system and the fans stay at high speed now. They worked properly before the reinstall. Can someone help me with this? Thanks
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Re: ML350 G3 Fan Noise

Hi Al Hall,

First thing I would like to tell you that windows Xp is not a supported operating system on this servers.

Second,I do believe that the Fan speed is controlled by the system BIOS depending on how the temprature sensors in the server reported. Therefore, if your BIOS is having a problem for some reason or it is older a case like you have might have been experienced because teh BIOS is not able to control the fan speed for some reason.

I would recommend,
1. Power down server check if anything is making short with the fan and pop the Fans out and clean them up a bit and put them back and make sure they are firmly seated
2. Update the BIOS to eliminate a BIOS issue
you can download the latest BIOS from this link
Do not worry about the Operating system in this link(it says windows 2003) because BIOS is not Operating system dependant.

If this does not fis the issue I would say repalceing the Fan that is having the noise will be the last choice you might have.

Amha Kassa
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Re: ML350 G3 Fan Noise


You need to install de HP agents in order to control fan speed.

I do not know if these agents works on XP.
I know that de previous managements agents in the past perfectly worked on win 2000 Professional.

You can also change the fan speed in the Rom based setup ultility (bios).


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Re: ML350 G3 Fan Noise


This issue has been discussed many times in the past ,look at this link and my response

Hope this helps