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ML350 G3 Ghost Backup

Robert Ghabel
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G3 Ghost Backup

I have a Compaq Proliant ML350 that I would like to make a ghost image of before I perform a major network upgrade. I would like to ghost to an IDE hard drive that I am going to install locally on this servers Primary IDE controller.
The server has a LC2 array controller installed with three physical drives 36GB, in raid 5, as one logical drive.
I have installed a 40gb IDE drive which the server will not recognize. I have also tried a 30GB and a 20GB drive as well. Checked the bios and cable connections to no avail.
I can not get the IDE drive to be recognized in dos. The array (which is the primary boot device) shows up fine. I have search the rom bios for pertinent configuration options.
Has any one else tried to do this before? Is there a resolution?
Thanks for your input.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: ML350 G3 Ghost Backup


The ML350 doesn't support IDE/ATA drives on the internal IDE channels, only ATAPI devices are supported (i.e. CD-ROM, ...).
I guess you best bet is to install a SCSI drive outside of the diskcage and attach it to the internal SCSI channel.

PS: the LC2 controller sucks big time!
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