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ML350 G3 Migrate Single Disk to RAID Array

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ML350 G3 Migrate Single Disk to RAID Array

I have a ML350 G3 server with a single 146GB disk attached to the onboard SCSI controller. I intend to add 2 x 146GB drives and a Smart Array 641 controller to create a RAID-1 array for storage, but the disks are going in the same enclosure as the original single disk.

I am planning on doing the following:

1. Shutdown server and install 641 controller - not attached to drive cage
2. Boot Windows, install 641 driver
3. Shutdown server and move SCSI connector from systemboard to 641.
4. Switch on server - set 641 as first boot device

Now I need to know what to do with the original single drive to ensure that the server boots. Do I need to create a RAID-0 logical disk using the original drive? Or will the controller see the drive as stand-alone and boot? I don't want to lose the OS on the original drive during the process of creating any logical disks.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Re: ML350 G3 Migrate Single Disk to RAID Array

Hi lanway,
If you plan to do steps 1-4 you should try to boot into the original drive. Once this has been accomplished you can just add the other two and create the array you are looking for. This will be the case if the original drive was set as a RAID 0 to begin with and not just a disk. If it was a disk you would loose the information when you create a RAID with it.