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ML350 G3 Poor HDD Performance

Occasional Contributor

ML350 G3 Poor HDD Performance


I have the following config:

-Clean install of Windows 2k3 SP2 with all updates.


-2x Compaq BF0728A4CB 15K rpm 72GB SCSI 320 Drives. (Driver Version 5.2.3790.0 01/10/2002)

-RAID1 using Windows Disk Management.

This server only has Sage installed on it and thats all that it is really used for.

The Benchmark results I am getting are from HD Tach (35Mb) and HD Tune 2.55 Quick Bench Test (38Mb).

I know it's old kit, but 38Mb is pretty poor.

Is this normal for these drives, what do yous get?

Oh. also tried the usual, Enabled/Disabled Indexing Service, Defragged Drive, Enabled Write Cache, Enabled Advanced Performance.

Also, these benches were carried out both with and without AVG installed and there is no difference.