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ML350 G3 RAID Boot Issue

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ML350 G3 RAID Boot Issue


I have a degraded RAID 5 with 3 HDD running on a 645 controller. HDD ID 0 has failed.

For some reason the sever rebooted and I cannot boot the server as it cannot find the boot partition. I shutdown the server and removed the ID 0 drive and tried the boot up to see if it forced the RAID to look at the parity.

My understanding was if one of the disks failed it would still be bootable?

Any ideas?
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Re: ML350 G3 RAID Boot Issue

I suppose that you have SA 642 controller

You can try powering down the server, pulling out all hdds, then start the server so that it sees that no HDDs are attached.
Then try installing the HDDs ant try the RAID again.

If you decide to update the firmware, please do it to 2.76 (and not to 2.80).

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