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ML350 G3 + SA641 = cannot build RAID array

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Stig Rasmussen
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G3 + SA641 = cannot build RAID array

I just purchased a new out-of-the-box Proliant ML350 G3 with a Smart Array 641 RAID controller and 4 x 72GB scsi disks. But I have problems building the RAID array.

During boot my system seems to detect the SA641 controller but when I hit F8 to run the ORCA it doesn't seem like I get any options for the RAID controller.

I only get 2 options:

1. HP Ultra3 Dual Channel at slot 00 port 1
2. HP Ultra3 Dual Channel at slot 00 port 2

selecting either card I only have the choice:
1. multi initiatorconfiguration (allowing me to change the SCSI ID for the SCSI bus)
or 2. Tape Based (which I am not interested in)

When I use the SmartStart 7.00 CD-ROM it keeps telling me that I have no disks attached to the controller but it gives me no options to do so.

Is there any other method to build the RAID array?


Re: ML350 G3 + SA641 = cannot build RAID array


I would try updating the firmware on the 641 first. You will have to use a SSCD version lower to do the offline ROM flash as HP decided they would like to charge for that now with SSCD 7.0!! If the system sees it on POST thats good. Also try to get the BIOS up to date as the controller may not be recognized.
Even if you use the cd you should still configure the array in ORCA (Providing you can get it recognized) and then set the boot controller there as well. Also go into F9 and make sure the OS is selected to what you want and the boot controller is set there too. If the controller is recognized in those spots you should be able to go to the SSCD 7 and launch setup. It sounds like you are hitting F8 too early as well. Wait until the control initializes and then you will get the F8 prompt.

Good Luck
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: ML350 G3 + SA641 = cannot build RAID array


Looking qt the message, it looks like your are accessing the SCSI Bios instead of the SA641 Bios .

F8 is used to access SCSI Bios and SA Bios : I remember that the SCSI Bios comes first .

Silly question but I've seen this situation thousand of times : Are you drives attached to the SA641 ? :-0 because factory default is drives attached to SCSI on board : so if your drives are seen at post with Compaq BD072xxxx ID0 etc .... this means that the drives are attached to the scsi on board

Hope it helps


Stig Rasmussen
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML350 G3 + SA641 = cannot build RAID array

It works!

Close inspection showed that the SCSI bus was attached to the board and not the SA641 - as a vendor (de)fault I guess.

After attaching it to the SA641 the controller initialized the disks and it was possible for me to build the RAID array.

Thank you very much for the help.