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ML350 G3 SCSI disk replacements

TL Verdone
Occasional Advisor

ML350 G3 SCSI disk replacements

I'm certainly not experienced with this issue, so I'll defer to those of you who are on this one....

I am in a position to replace an entire Array of disks on a 3-year old ML350 G3/Dual Xeon 2.8/3-36.4GB/hot swappable/Raid 5/on SmartArray 532/Novell 6.0SP5. 2 disks have previously failed (one has twice), and have rebuilt themselves. Of course, the warranty expired 8 weeks ago. I've convinced my boss that the whole array should be replaced with new disks as a proactive measure.

As this is our only file/app/print server, I thought replacing one disk at a time, and letting each recover and rebuild before doing the others is the safest way to go. I have done redundant backups in anticipation of potential problems.

Matching the disks is an issue. Each has a different HP part #. Can I use like-and-kind, as long as they are a match? (36.4, hot-swap, 10k, U320) Do I need to be mindful of disk and controller firmware level? Can I go to larger disks to eventually reconfigure and increase our capacity? Do I necessarily have to use HP disks, or will others work as well?

I'm a believer in the "if it's working good, don't screw with it" concept, so I have not updated any firmware on the server, just the device drivers and service packs recommended by HP and Novell.

Any guidance from the forum would be appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G3 SCSI disk replacements

1. Update all firmware levels beforehand
2. Use only HP parts listed as compatible with your server: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/11430_div/11430_div.HTML#Options
3. Consider off-line replacement, i.e. replace all HDDs in one go & restore from backup - rebuilding one by one could take ages & will impact the performance badly during rebuild process

Don't panic! [THGTTG]
TL Verdone
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350 G3 SCSI disk replacements

Offline firmware upgrade worked as advertised. As luck would have it, I have plenty of downtime at night to let the ASR do it's job. No restore from backup was necessary. Thanks for the help.
TL Verdone
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350 G3 SCSI disk replacements

Done and over...