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ML350 G3 Server NB Alert flashing red

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ML350 G3 Server NB Alert flashing red

I have a ML350 server which was running fine, but after connecting an HP USB Floppy Disk Drive and booting from a SBS2003 CD the server stopped responding while reading the Fdd (searching for raid driver). After powering off the server now does not start. The NB Alert LED is flashing red. Really stumped as to what caused this, has the bios got somehow corrupt? Have tried the reset CMOS jumper and also removing all plugged in devices from the system with no luck.

Re: ML350 G3 Server NB Alert flashing red

You should start with basic "No video" troubleshooting: Reseating components and minimizing (leave the systemboard with the minimum amount of components required to have post, such as 1 CPU and 2 dimms and no PCI cards) and then swap components around.

Check the USB port where you plugged the drive, can it be unplugged from the systemboard?

Have you used this drive in other servers?