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ML350 G3 System Management Homepage PHP problem

Scott Klassen
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G3 System Management Homepage PHP problem

OS is W2K3 SP1. I've the System Management homepage software installed with it's built-in non-standard install of PHP (4 series I believe).

I have need to place a web site, using IIS, on this machine which requires PHP5. I tried doing this and although the site works, on bootup, I get a popup error message to the effect of there is an error conflict between this module and PHP versions and that I should recompile the module. I get a popup for each and every module php5 tries to load (about twenty of them). Very annoying and I have to click through all of them in order to even logon. It took me a very long time to figure out that the culprit causing this was SMH. The SMH php4 seems to load first and when php5 begins to load (through an entry in the path statement of the system variables) is when all hell breaks loose as it tries to load the php5 modules with the php4 components.

Short of uninstalling SMH and/or not putting the site onto this machine, is there some simple way to get these two versions of PHP and their modules to co-exist peacefully.