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ML350 G3 Thermal Temperature Issue

M Adeel
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G3 Thermal Temperature Issue


I have run out of ideas how to cool down one of my ML350 G3 CPU. The server is in perfect room temperature. If you just keep the server on (do nothing) it will run fine but as soon as you start some job (E.g., start an AV scan, backup job etc) the heatsink on top of CPU will boil up like hell within 5-7 mins and the next thing you get a windows thermal warning message that system has lost cooling and needs to shut down. The CPU installed is Intel Xeon 2.0 Ghz.

I have done the following without having any luck.

1. Checked server fans, all fans are working fine. Also airflow is good.

2. Monitored room temperature, it's normal and other machines are running in same room without any problem.

3. Cleaned the processor/heatsink, reapplied grease carefully. Also cleaned the box.

3. Replaced 2 CPU's (Not heatsink, as I dont have a spare one).

4.Installed latest firmware, BIOS and installed HP Proliant system managment, HP tools, HP insight diagonostics.

HP tools report that system is shutting down after crossing a threshold of 60C, which is correct. I can also feel the heat if I check the temperature on heat sink, its almost impossible to touch it due to excessive heat.

In all above cases the system shuts down following a heat up of 5-7 min. The fans come on full speed before system shuts down.

The system also gets thermal warning & shut down with 5-7 mins if you are in BIOS mode (while FANS are on full speed) I am running Win server 2003 and now out of ideas why they CPU is boiling as soon as you give it some work to do. Perhaps someone else had the same situation ?