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ML350 G3 Upgrade to ML370 G4

jim moore_5
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ML350 G3 Upgrade to ML370 G4

I've had a ML350 do the start fans on power up and then shutdown system with no POST. I'm currently running a 641 controller and was wondering if it's possible to take the drives out of the ML350 and run the drives on a ML370 641 controller w/o losing any data? I currently have 2 RAID 1 sets, one for the OS and the other for data.

Re: ML350 G3 Upgrade to ML370 G4

Basically yes.

But, OS might be messed up.
You may have to install several new drivers, and HW paths may be different.

Moving the drives from one SA641 to another SA641, is absolutely no problem.
But moving OS from from a G3 to G4, is likely to be another chipset.
could be anoter NIC vendor.


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