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ML350 G3 backup requirement

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ML350 G3 backup requirement


Im in need to buy a backup unit for a ML350 G3.

I cannot find any information on it from the e configurator due to its age, and Im stuck for part numbers for a SCSI card, cable. Im unable to open it up to see inside what slots there are and do not wish to buy the wrong parts. I do know it is standard, whatever slots are inside will be empty.

Can anyone help with part numbers, more importantly, is there any online resource of information where I can find such information in the future? There has surly goto be a easier way to pick the correct HP products? I used to remember a HP program you could install on your PC that would provide such information.
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Re: ML350 G3 backup requirement

-> Worldwide
-> Retired Products
--> ProLiant Servers
---> ProLiant ML (expansion-optimized)
----> HP ProLiant ML 350 G3, HTML

... will bring you to this document:


It lists all the part numbers for HP standard configurations and optional parts for it.

If you need more information about a specific part, then http://partsurfer.hp.com will be helpful.

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Re: ML350 G3 backup requirement

Thank you, that is very usefull and I have saved this information for future use.
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Re: ML350 G3 backup requirement

Sorry to be a pain, but Im still struggling with this.

With the above information Ive found out that the slots inside are PCI-X 64bit 100mhz, and that a compatible tape drive is a Ultrium 960 SCSI (378463-001) (400-800), sounds perfect. However it does not state what adapter I need with that.

Ive found that there is a 920 SAS internal(EH847A) but part surfer tells me to get 8 port RAID SAS card, or a a ultra wide scsi card for that, which surly cant be right.

Any compatibility charts or documetns I look at no longer show G3 units. I must be doing something wrong or overlooking something ?

Can anyone advise how I can obtain such information please? All Im after is a Ultrium 3 internal drive, prefebly SAS, with a single channel adapter that fits into a ML350 G3 PCI-X 64 bit 100MHz slot.
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: ML350 G3 backup requirement

tape drives are SAS now. Just a SAS controller is needed not SAS RAID. Don't put it on the same SAS or SAS RAID controller of the drives.