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ML350 G3 drive replacement

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ML350 G3 drive replacement

I have a red light on one of the drives on our server. I'm fine replacing hardware and building pc's but somewhat leary on the servers yet. There are 4 72.8g SCSI hot swap drives. I cannot get into the HP software maintenance program as a previous administrator set a password which is unknown. When the server boots it tells me there is an array error and I tell it go ahead and rebuild the array. As there anything special I have to do to replace this drive? I have searched for manuals but they really aren't clearly stated. I just don't want to loose any data.
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Re: ML350 G3 drive replacement

hi jag53

4 HDDs RAID level? RAID 5 ?

well RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6 lets you put the bad HDD out and put the new one back just that

- take it out (bad HDD)
- put the new one

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