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ML350 G3 issue

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ML350 G3 issue

My ML350 G3 server hangs.Lotus Domino Application server run on this server.It start hanging from 23rd June,06,then on 30th,June,06,then on 10th,July,06,then on 11th,July,06.The server stop responding.I have to hard boot the server.
When I try to run the Compaq Smart Start Diagnostic CD,after running 66% I get an error" Connection refused when attemt to connect

Please help me.
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Re: ML350 G3 issue is so called loopback interface, so given error suggest you are really in trouble.

Did you try to boot it from e.g. a bootable OS installation CD? If it refusues to boot I would gues it is a hardware error. Can you have a look inside the server & check whether any of diagnostic LEDs is lit?

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Re: ML350 G3 issue

I've seen this loopback error. (Smartstart seems to be driven by a local web server on top of linux so the Smartstart browser would obviously point back inwards to itself, hence

Are you using the correct version of Smartstart. Try Smartstart 7.51 or 7.4 which should work OK.

Does the server hang ie, does the mouse freeze ? This would imply a hardware problem.

If only Domino stops responding then this would imply software or OS.

Can you start the server with Domino disabled ? run it for a while and see what happens.
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