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ML350 G4 Hot Plug Drive Bay Cabling

Mark Cassidy
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G4 Hot Plug Drive Bay Cabling


I'm having a bit of a problem with the server mentioned in the subject. I've replaced the motherboard today in the subject server but am getting all kind of weird issues. There is a SCSI DAT72 drive hooked up to the on board SCSI CH2, and the internal 6 bay hot plug cage is hooked up to SCSI CH1. For some reason when the server boots up and does its drive scan it detects drive 0 (36GB) as ID2, drive 1 (36GB) as ID3, and drive 2 (146GB) as ID4 but the lunacy doesn't end here. Once the scan is complete and it shows the summary of what drives are connected it shows the drive in slot 1 (36GB) as occupying all IDs from 3 thru to 15 with the same drive serial number and all, and the server will not boot from the OS drive in slot 0. Very confused as to what is going on here... and I hope my explanation makes sense.

I have tried several things, if I remove all drives from all bays except Bay 0 the server boots fine, also if I replace all drives into their appropriate slots and move the cable for the drive cage to CH2 the server boots fine also and all drives are accessible but in order to boot with it hooked up to CH1 I must remove all but the drive in Bay 0.

I have tried various drive configurations in Bay 1 and Bay 2 and no matter what drive is in Bay 1 or 2 the server will not boot and displays the same behaviour...

I hope all this makes sense, any help or advice would be appreciated. FYI I have ensured latest firmware running on controller and BIOS.