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ML350 G4 Raid 5 expansion

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Jerry Pahl
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G4 Raid 5 expansion

I have a Raid 5 with 4 36gb 15k drives and would like to expand my storage. Can I replace a 15k drive with a 146gb 10k drive one at a time until all 4 drives have been replaced? Will the 10k speed have any effect on the 15k drives while they are working together?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G4 Raid 5 expansion


it will reduce the performace a bit since you are using 10k but you can use it.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G4 Raid 5 expansion

Think twice before you get rid of 15K drives in a favour of 10K ones.

If your environment uses random writes (any flavour of database, SQL, Exchange, etc.) expect performance degradation of about 30%. With more sequential writes (e.g. file serving) it won't be that bad, but still visible & probably annoying.

On the top of that, replacing drives one by one will be a bit painful - during each rebuild your performance will drop even further.

Consider off-line migration instead - backup, hard drives replacement, then restore.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]