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ML350 G4 and SA-641 Raid Question

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ML350 G4 and SA-641 Raid Question

I have just started to setup a new SBS2K3 server with a SA-641 card. I created a Raid 1 of 2x36gb drives for the OS, etc. I then went to setup a Raid 10 for the 4x72gb drives for my data but the ACU lists it as 0+1. Is this right? The spec sheet of the SA-641 says it does 0,1,1+0, and 5, but the model comparison sheet on HP's site and the ACU both say only 0+1. Which is right?
Steven Clementi
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Re: ML350 G4 and SA-641 Raid Question


You sure it lists as 0+1?

I just checked 4 different servers with different drive configurations and different versions of ACU...

...all said 1+0

Does the first Logical drive list as 1+0 or 0+1?

Either way, it is the same method of creating the Logical drive. Whether it is striped then mirrored OR mirrored than striped, you still get the same redundancy and performance, or at least should.

Steven Clementi
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Terry Hutchings
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Re: ML350 G4 and SA-641 Raid Question

The mirror you created should be listed as a raid 1+0. When you go to create the new one it should still be giving you 1+0 as one of the options. Raid 1 and raid 1+0 are going to be the same selection in the array config utility. It's just determined by the amount of drives.
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Oleg Koroz
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Re: ML350 G4 and SA-641 Raid Question

Beside that all newer documentation use 10 or 1+0, there is still some application
or older documentation that keep 0+1 in the Records

See attachments