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ML350 G4 fails to start

Occasional Contributor

ML350 G4 fails to start

Machine powers on and runs power supply at high volume. All Led's on system board look correct and so do LED's at front of case and LED at rear of power supply is on. SCSII Hdd lights flash as you would expect.

But machine doesnt display anything on monitor and although the CD drive flashes to read the Smartstart Cd in this stops very quickly.

No warning or post beeps except if all RAM removed then continuous long high pitched beep.

Dont know history of machine but was told it was working until withdrawn from service recently.

Have unplugged all devices and no change to fault. Anyone any idea how I can diagnose what is wrong please.
Harry Lubansky
Super Advisor

Re: ML350 G4 fails to start

If the fans on the power supply stay at high speed, either you have a power supply problem, or another hardware problem that will not let your system board give the normal monitor startup, with the HP logo, black screen startup, memory check, etc.

You could replace the bios battery or any other battery that would be on another part of the hardware, say like a cache battery. Give as many specific symptoms as possible, as this problem does not sound easy to diagnose with the description so far.
Adel Elamin
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML350 G4 fails to start

Hello all

I have the same problem on two ML350 G4.

1-the servers failed to tart.
2-No display on the monitor.
3-Fan speed remains at high speed.
4-No beeps or any indicator for errors (heartbeat is green), however I hear a beep only if I removed the RAMs

please advice

Robert Patriarca
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G4 fails to start

This is my problem too except internal health light is amber? all else is same high rpm fans and all.
Robert Patriarca
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G4 fails to start

Also all amber lights lit next to memory which has 2 512 chips there in dims 1 & 2.