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ML350 G4 strange networking issue

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ML350 G4 strange networking issue

Hi all,

few weeks ago, my customer screams for help because of long time/breaking data transfers to shared network drives on one of ML350 G4 servers. My investigation shows some strange problem with data transfer TO server: after few gigs of continous transfer, server breaks receiving data (data transfer goes down to 0 kb/s) and after similar time resumes... Taking data FROM server, works perfectly (I've downloaded 8GB file without problems). For reference, please take look on attached file. There's Task Manager view on client durring uploading approx. 7.5GB file TO server. Please note regular breakdowns...

This issue touching also SQL Server depend applications (sometimes client apps crashes because of network timeout problems).
From hardware side, cabling and switching are O.K. I've changed gigs of continous data between other servers and clients without problems.

More info on environment:
HP ML350 G4 / 4GB RAM
All latest BIOS, FW and driver updates.
New, fresh installation of Windows Server 2003 R2

Interesting thing - I've inserted extra NIC Card... nothing changes on it, server breaks transfers as before.

Well... I'm desperately searching for help on this issue. Is this main board failure?

Thank you for answers

Re: ML350 G4 strange networking issue

Hi Simon,

Just my two bits;

Do you have any Firewall software on it? Like Symantec Endpoint Security?

Did you check the TCP offloading settings on the NIC's. But then I suppose you should have encountered the same problem...

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Re: ML350 G4 strange networking issue

Hi Jurgen,

thank you for response and sugestions, but in my case no firewall software exist (as mentioned in my first post, I've fresh installation of OS and no other softwares on server. TCP offloading(and chimney) don't help me. Interesting for you is fact that transmission errors are one way only (uploading to server). Downloads are great.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G4 strange networking issue

Yes, quite interesting. Have you tried to upload/download with another protocol? Are you using windows samba now?

If it is a new fresh installation, would you be able to run a livecd with linux or something on it? Have you tried another port/switch?
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Re: ML350 G4 strange networking issue

I wonder if it is the RAID controller stalling to catch up. What controller is it? Does it have battery backup? Is the RAID set healthy?