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ML350 G4P With Smart Array 641

Joseph Crosley
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ML350 G4P With Smart Array 641

I've powered down the server for a move 2 feet to the left and when powering back up the unit would not boot from the Raid HDD. I checked the Array and everying was ok with the Logical drive. I boot to a Windows SBS 2003 setup disk and found no drives.

After talking with HP Support I reseat the board and reseated the Smart Array 641 card, cables and HDDs.

I've updated the Servers Firmware with the lastest download from

I've now deleted the array and rebooted. The array was still in tacked so I delete it again. After reboot I find no logical drive..

Start with Smartstart 8.0 and use it to create a Logical drive Raid 5. Then deploy Windows SBS 2003 Standard. The software load HP smartstart and the SBS 2003 disk to the 18GB partition I create in deplotment process. The unit ask me to remove SBS 2003 disk and let it reboot. After post I get a flashing cursor and nothing happens. I waited and then rebooted (FYI I've done a Smartstart install and SBS 2003 disk install and get the same issues) once reboot the unit tries to boot from C: and I get a Non system disk error.

It like the unit can see the Array with the Raid 5 and can setup a partition however the partition is lost after reboot. The next step i'm trying is to load a boot disk and see if i can see C: and view files.

Has anyone see this before?

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Shiraj Fernando
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Re: ML350 G4P With Smart Array 641


Just a suggestion. You can update the SmartArray controller's firmware and check if you haven't done that already.

Also check the boot controller order in System Rom.