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ML350 G4p and Win 2008 R2 install

Dick Tuttle
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ML350 G4p and Win 2008 R2 install

I want to install win 2008 R2 on my ML350 G4p that has a SATA 6 bay hot swap option with dual XEON processors. What I am seeing in my research is maybe. I see things for win 2008 but then R2 is specifically not included in that chart. Basic question is will this server do it?
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: ML350 G4p and Win 2008 R2 install


as you already mentioned, the Windows 2008R2 is not officially supported on the driver page for your model :〈=en&cc=us&submit=Go%20%C2%BB

but they supports Windows 2008 x64, so the cpu is 64bit capable, so in my personal opinion it could be possible to run the Windows 2008R2, but its up to you if you like tu ru not supported OS on your machine.


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Re: ML350 G4p and Win 2008 R2 install

Yes the server can do it.

The steps we do it that is like this.

First update the server with letest firmawere dvd 9.30c for the controler (in my server 641) create usb key with Hp usb key utiliti and Smartstart cd 8.30 x64 or 8.40 x64, copy on the usb  windows server 2008 r2 iso boot the server and folow the instractions ( create Aray..........). After reboot start the instalation of OS and stack with error massage for unattend xml missing. Push swift+f10 for comandpromt and go to c:\hptemp and run again setup.exe after that the instalation finish well. The problem with windows server 2008 r2 is the vga adapter Ati range xl it dosen't exist drivers but i solvet with other vga cart on pci express 8x slot.