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ML350 G5 CR59 and CPU replacement


ML350 G5 CR59 and CPU replacement

Hi there guys, I've been doing a lot of forum reading and I found other people with CR59 issues but it seems that's the universal hardware LED, not specific and none of the posts relate to me. Here is my conundrum:


I have a ML350 G5 with a single cpu that is a E5150 (Dual-Core/2.66GHz/4MB L2). I recently purchased an E5450 (Quad-Core/3GHz/12MB L2) which is on the list of supported CPU's. I currently have the D21 BIOS which is the most up to date, and my spare-part number is the 43XXXXX-001 one which means my motherboard supports quad-cores. I don't have a PPM or VRM (whichever it is refered to) because I only run one CPU. When I have the original CPU in it boots no problem. When I try to boot with the E5450 it doesn't even power up. The fans just spin at 100% with no video. It doesn't even SEEM to get to POST. I have tried changing the switches back and forth. (The switches on the bottom left related to NVRAM and such) It hasn't helped. I first just thought it was the CPU I bought, but at work I had more E5450 laying around and it doesn't work with any of the 3 I've tried. 


I then thought, it must be my motherboard dying, however, when I go back to the old E5150 CPU it's no problem. I thought maybe my PSU's don't support it cause it's the 80W CPU vs. the 65W of the other one, but I have dual 400 Watt PSU's and 400 watts should be plenty? 


Can anyone give me advice? It would be much appreciated.


Re: ML350 G5 CR59 and CPU replacement



ML350 G5 Spare Parts page.

There are three types of system boards for this server which supports different processors with PATA or SATA optical drives.


Also check this doc and QuickSpecs here.

The QuickSpecs for this server does not list E5450 but it does list E5440 and E5460.


Thank You!
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Re: ML350 G5 CR59 and CPU replacement



When you say you have the D21 bios do you mean you have the latest 2011.05.02 Bios from July 2011?


D21 is just the system identifier i.e. all ML350G5's have the D21 bios as thats the system family not the rom revision number.