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ML350 G5 - Fully Loaded P200i RAID Controller

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ML350 G5 - Fully Loaded P200i RAID Controller

Hey there! 

I have 2 G5's rocking here. one with 4x2Tb drives in RAID 5 running CentOS (containing 3Tb effective data)
The other one 2x 2Tb Drives running ESXi with some VM experiments on it. (you shall not be missed) 
I would like to combine the 2. And virtualise my home server. + have some room to do experiments with VM's

However i have red up a bit but i still have some questions. 

For 1:
The HP Smartarray controller P200i supports logical volumes up to 6Tb.  Is this correct? 
Anyone here have 6x 2Tb drives in their G5 Drive Cage? Are there workarounds so i don't have to upgrade my RAIDcontroller? 

Logical volume limit 6Tb.. So that means that i could theoretically have 2 RAID5 Arrays with 3x2Tb HDD's ? 

If i decide to upgrade my RaidController. I would take a p800 since that supports RAID10. 
Wich would yield a better IOPS score. Good pick? 

Any Tips, Hints, Own experiences, are welcome!