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Re: ML350 G5 Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical

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Jean-Denis Tremblay
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ML350 G5 Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical

Hi, I've done maintenance on my server and found critical object on my ADU report but i don't know what do to with this event. Can someone help me with this.

[ Top ] â [ Smart Array P400 in slot 4 ] â [ Storage Enclosure 1 ] â [ Drive Cage on Port 1I ] â [ Physical Drive 1I:1:2 ] â Surface Status
Current Drive 0x0000
Current Head All Zeroes (32 x [0x00])
Current Cylinder All Zeroes (32 x [0x0000])
Timer Remaining 15 seconds (0x0096)
Surface Delay 15 seconds (0x0096)
Current Block All Zeroes (32 x [0x00000000])
Surface Analysis Status Device Surface Analysis Status Status
Logical Drive 1 Consistency Initialization Completed Informational
Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical

Gary Benavides Meza
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Re: ML350 G5 Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical

Update the firmware on the storage controller to firmware version 5.26 to fix the issue

Check this Adivisory to get more information on this issue you are experiencing:

HP Smart Array Controllers - "Inconsistent Stripe" Event with RAID 1 or RAID 1+0 Logical Drives May Be Generated Under Normal Operating Conditions on Smart Array Controllers Running Certain Versions of Firmware

Smart Array P400:

Microsoft update:

Linux Update:
Jean-Denis Tremblay
New Member

Re: ML350 G5 Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical

I'll try this, thank for quick anwser
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Re: ML350 G5 Logical Drive 1 Consistency Check Failed Critical


I need your help, please.
Time ago, during usual maintenance (system management software) in a server (HP proLiant ML370 G6) I found some "strange" errors on some disks of the raid (5 + 1 spare).
Failed recovery reads and Hard Read Errors.
I phoned HP support and they told to send the ADU report. I did and then they told me to ugrade firmware and software using the appropiriate cd (downloaded form hp site).
I installed all the software (automatic procedure) then I sent a new ADU report.
Then my nightmare started.
They (HP) told me that harwdare is ok (though smart magement software still says I have the same errors).
They told me the error is not hardwrae but "logic".
They told me I have to delete everything, delete the array, everything, and restart from scratch.
I told them.... ok.. I can delete and redo the raid but THEN i need to restore the backup!
Can't miss the customer data!
About 100gb of exchange data and many gb of sql data. Not to mention the server is also a domain controller...
They told me I can't restore the backup using standard windows backup or macrium backup (I use both) because, doing this way, I would restore ALSO the logical errors as those software perform an "image" of the partitions.
Uselessly I told them that Macrium recognizes bad sectors and I don't have none evidenced!
I ran chkdsk /R/F/B and no errors and.... THE SERVERS WAS (and IS) running smoothly!!
No way... They keep telling me
"it SEEMS ok but soon it will be NOT! You're risking to loose all your data!
You have to reinstall everything and... then move your data from the backup."
I asked... but.. If I restore system state and exchange there is not a risk to restore also the error?
No reply. They tell me I HAVE do this. And... furter support has to be paid...

Please help me.
I don't trust in what they told me. Can't believe this "ipotetical" error can't be fixed without reinstalling everyting... and, rememebr, all is working fine!!

Thank you very much.