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ML350 G5 MSiSCSI problem

Larry Oo
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G5 MSiSCSI problem

I have been trying to setup a Hitachi SMS100 SAN to my ML350 G5 server running Windows 2003 server with SP2. The server has SmartArray E200i controller already installed. The server has two network cards.

NIC 1 = = LAN (HP NC373i Multifunction Gigabit Adapter)

NIC 2 = = Directly connected to SMS100 with no switch/router in between. This is a Intel Pro 1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter. One port is disabled.

SMS's Target Port IP =

Ping works. However, telnet to 3260 does not work.

Therefore, when I add the target IP in Microsoft iSCSI Initiator to Discovery tab, I keep getting error EventID 1 (iScsiPrt).

My MS iSCSI is version 2.07. Have also tried 2.05.

Things I have tried.

Installed MS iSCSI initiator on two XP Pro machines and everything works. I can discover the iSCSI target. Have also tried a Dell server running same OS (Windows 2003 Std Server SP2) and the MS iSCSI Initiator works fine. Sees the SMS100 and the drive in Disk Management.

Disabled the TCP Chimney. Also disabled the Adapter Teaming on the Intel NIC.

Other useful information:

The Windows firewall on this non-working HP server is OFF. No antivirus/any other security software on the server. I just wasn't able to telnet to 3260.

Can somebody please help. Hitachi engineers are also trying to help. However, given that the telnet connection to SMS100 does not work, I don't see how the iSCSI Discovery is going to work. Is there any HP software installed that is blocking the iSCSI connection?

Appreciate the help.
Larry Oo
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G5 MSiSCSI problem

Found the problem. It was due to some security and rights issue or GPO or something. All I did was change the Logon Credentials for the MS iSCSI Initiator account to run under Domain Admin instead of local system account. This fixed the problem. Thank you very much. Hope this help somebody in the future.