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ML350 G5 Ntbackup to USB2 HDD crash

Martin Turton
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G5 Ntbackup to USB2 HDD crash

We have a new ML350 G5 which crashes and restarts midway through its backup when using external USB2 hard disk drives. We have 7 USB2 drives in total, sometimes the backup completes successfully. There is no consistency in the drives when the restarts occur, two of the drives are a different brand and it does it with those as well. There are no errors in the event logs to indicate the cause of the problem other than the last log entry before the restart occurs is an event ID 7035 'The Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service was successfully sent a start control' which is the backup commencing and it can be up to 2 hours later before the server restarts. Nothing is recorded in the event log after the 7035 entry.

When the USB drive is left disconnected overnight the backup obviously fails but the restart problem does not occur.

Operating system is SBS2003 Std, fully patched. Ntbackup is configured from the SBS server management console. This is a configuration we have used dozens of times with Fujitsu Servers.

We have used both the native USB ports on the server and a PCI Express USB card to try to rule out a hardware fault.

Has anyone had a similar experience with NTbackup and USB2 hard disk drives on HP servers?
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G5 Ntbackup to USB2 HDD crash

Hello Martin,

There are no Known Issues for this(i think).
Best is to run the firmware maintenance CD 7.9 & install the PSP 7.9;

Since there are no specific Errors, this is the least we can do to start with.