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ML350 G5 PCI-X Cage/Mezzanine Noise


ML350 G5 PCI-X Cage/Mezzanine Noise

Greetings to all.

I've got a slight issue with my ML350 G5.

I purchased the system with a PCI-X Expansion Cage/Mezzanine. The kit part number was 435670-B21 for the ML350 G5, consisting of a PCI-Express card (bridge), signal cable, power cable, and the PCI-X Dual Slot Mezzanine that installs behind the motherboard (under the PSU's where the there's a slot for the PCI-X unit specifically).

The PCI-X slots work fine, the Quad Port NIC's I have living in there work great.


The PCI-X cage has a small 40mm fan installed in the back that always runs at 100% (according to iLO2 under System Info -> Fans). And this thing absolutely screams. I've taken a look at the fan and it's a Sunon PMD1204PJB2-A; a 12V 11.4W dual-turbine beast that throws off more then 60dB.

My question is:
1) Is this fan designed to run at 100% constantly, and
2) Is there /ANY/ way to make it throttle like the rest of the system fans do (which usually run at 35% power, rather then 100%)?

It strikes me as odd that HP manufactures such a quiet system (35dB)- and it is *dead silent* without the PCI-X cage, but at the same time offers a kit with such a loud component in it.

I am unsure if my PCI-X cage is defective or if this is by design. Either way, the system was purchased for use in a home office so noise is obviously an issue- and having the PCI-X cage fan screaming away 24/7 is entirely unacceptable (plus, the noise specs for the PCI-X cage aren't posted /anywhere/).